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Brendan Mulhall
Director and Principal Consultant, BMA Consulting
BA (Ind Psych) Grad Dip (HR)
Master of Administration

Brendan has been involved in the development and implementation of training strategies since 1989. His work has involved extensive research and facilitation and has required the ability to work effectively with a range of stakeholders to ensure that ownership and take-up of project outcomes occurs.

Brendan has undertaken projects that have focused on the utilisation of National Training Framework processes as the basis for implementing development approaches for industries and enterprises. He has assisted six major ITABs (a total of 12 industry sectors) in the design and development of their Training Packages. This work has involved the development of competency standards, assessment guidelines, learning strategies, assessment materials and professional development materials.

Skills and experience
Brendan has built a reputation for taking a professional approach to undertaking research, training, analysis and facilitation work. In particular, Brendan's work with industry experts is testament to his skills. The outcomes which have been achieved have resulted from the relationships he has developed with all stakeholders and his concentration on innovative, creative and workable outcomes. This is evidenced by the fact that for over 10 years he has successfully assisted in the analysis, development and implementation of major training reform initiatives in over 35 industry sectors.

Brendan has developed a strong and consistent reputation for excellent facilitation skills in areas ranging from strategic planning to group focus workshops, and analysing the functions of occupations. His major strength in facilitation is engendering a sense of ownership and commitment to the outcomes of workshops. The following are recent examples of Brendan's facilitation work:

1. Phase II Review of the Forest and Forest Products Industry Training Package (FPI99) (current project). This Training Package is very large covering six industry sectors. It requires extensive redevelopment work involving complex facilitation and consultation. Based on the recommendations from Phase I, this project will result in the redevelopment of approximately 500 national endorsed competency standards, a qualifications framework and assessment guidelines which provide a clear benchmark for people in the Forest and Forest Products Industry.

2. Development of Business Plans for the Agri-Food and Innovation and Business Industry Skills Councils for ANTA during 2004. These projects brought together 10 major ITABs into two new Skills Councils. They were difficult projects in that they required extensive and careful facilitation to ensure the successful merging of competing agendas and cultures in a tight project timeframe.

3. Review of Indigenous Services - Industry Training Strategies Program (DEST) in early 2003. This project focused on the need to effectively increase Indigenous people's participation and outcomes in nationally recognised training through a review of the services offered through the Indigenous component of the Industry Training Strategies Programme (ITSP). The project involved desk-based research of relevant Indigenous publications and initiatives, together with consultation with stakeholders and experts, to form the basis of discussion groups which will ultimately guided both the identification of gaps in current ITSP Indigenous services and opportunities to improve future service provision.

4. Research into Training Package implementation in the ACT for the Office of Training and Adult Education. The project involved research and analysis of issues affecting Training Package implementation and uptake. It included the facilitation of workshops for each of the key stakeholders involved in Training Package implementation in the ACT including Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), employers, unions, Group Training Companies (GTCs), National Apprenticeship Centres (NACs) and VETIS providers.

5. Development and facilitation of professional development workshops across Australia for the implementation of the Asset Security Training Package (PRS03). The project involved the development and facilitation of a national round of workshops to assist those in the security and investigative industries to implement the newly endorsed Training Package.

6. Development of competency standards for people who come into professional contact with those affected by domestic violence (Office of the Status of Women - Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet). The project involved the coordination and facilitation of two-rounds of 30 workshops in metropolitan, regional and remote localities throughout Australia. The project required liaison and consultation with a diverse range of occupational groups, including teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, police, general practitioners, community health workers, church groups and volunteers.

7. Planning workshops to determine the future of Industry Training Advisory Arrangements in the ACT in 2003. The workshops involved all training stakeholders within the ACT including Chairs and Executive Officers from each of the ITABs.

Recent projects
Recent examples of Brendan's work include the following:

Development of Workplace English, Language and Literacy (WELL) training and assessment materials to support the Certificate II in Security Operations as part of the Asset Security Training Package (PRS03)

Development of training and assessment materials for the Diploma of Community Services (Case Management) with a focus on Aboriginal Sexual Health, for the Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council of NSW (2004)

Review of Industry Training Strategies Programme for Indigenous people for the Department of Employment, Science and Training (2003)

Development of Property Operations and Development Sector (PODS) competency standards - this included an initial stage to scope industry requirements and a subsequent stage to develop the competency standards and qualifications structure for Property Services Training Australia (2003)

Review of the Asset Security Training Package (PRS02) (2002)

Research and development for career paths and classification structure for para-professionals (including surveyors, laboratory technicians, road designers) for the Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW (2002-2003)

Evaluation of Training Package implementation within the ACT for the Office of Training and Adult Education (2002)

Development and facilitation of professional development workshops throughout Australia for the implementation of the Asset Security Training Package

Development of learning strategies and assessment materials for Rocla Industries' Frontline Management Program (2002 - 2003)

Scoping and development of financial dealers competency standards for the National Finance ITAB / Australian Financial Markets Association (2003)

Scoping and review of the Asset Security Training Package for Property Services Training Australia (2002)

Review and development of Assessor competency standards to be included in the revised Training and Assessment Training Package for Business Services Training Australia (2002 - 2003)

Strategic planning workshops for ACT Training and Adult Education (2003).

Other information
Previous experience as Director of Training Strategies with the Department of Employment Education and Training (now DEST) and several years experience in the private and public sectors in project management, people development, and in research and policy roles in the implementation of skills formation strategies. Brendan's experience in the area of competency standards and organisational development was recognised through his inclusion in a team of experts to Romania to develop and implement competency systems.


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