team profiles

Brendan Mulhall
Director and Principal

Brendan has been involved in the development and implementation of training strategies since 1989. His work has involved extensive research and facilitation and has required the ability to work effectively with a range of stakeholders to ensure that ownership and take-up of project outcomes occurs.

Brendan has undertaken projects that have focused on the utilisation of National Training Framework processes as the basis for implementing development approaches for industries and enterprises. He has assisted 12 major industries in the design and development of their Training Packages. This work has involved the development of competency standards, assessment guidelines, learning strategies, assessment materials and professional development materials.

Brendan has a relaxed, confident approach to program facilitation and is widely recognised as a trainer/consultant that can work very effectively with diverse groups in a wide variety of workplace situations.

Mike Matthew
Senior Consultant

Mike has extensive public administration experience in the areas of human resource management, management development, competency based training and assessment, information technology and project management. He also has considerable experience in the facilitation of workshops and group discussions and is an Associate Member of the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators.

Terry Smith
Senior Consultant

Terry has extensive experience including over 12 years experience in the Community Services and Health Industry as a practitioner in child protection, adolescent work, labour market programs, community housing and counselling and as a teacher/trainer. Currently lecturing at the Canberra Institute of Technology in the School of Community Development, Terry assists in the development of competency standards and support materials for national Training Package projects.

Margot Richardson

Margot has extensive public and private sector experience in business strategies and accounting areas. She has been involved in the development of curriculum products and Training Packages for the past 7 years. This has included the coordination and development of a national curriculum project for Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. Margot assists in the facilitation of group focus workshops, and the development of competency standards and support materials for national Training Package projects.

Cheryl Griffiths
Writer and Editor

Cheryl has 22 years public and private sector experience with a focus on editing and writing. In recent years she has assisted in the development of competency standards for the reviews of the Training Package for Assessment and Workplace Training, Asset Security Training Package and Agriculture and Horticulture Training Package.

Michelle Griffiths
Product Development

Michelle has 21 years experience in both the private and public sectors. The focus of this experience has been on product development including writing, editing and graphic design. This experience includes document design and development, workshop preparation and client liaison.

Leanne Post
Administrative Officer

Leanne has been working since 1987 in administrative and financial roles. This experience includes all aspects of the administrative function, coordination of office systems, and bookkeeping.




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