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BMA is considered a leader in the national training system generally in terms of national Training Package development and issues surrounding implementation and uptake, facilitation of planning processes, research and consultation, and the development and implementation of training programs. We have developed Training Packages and their associated support materials, learning guides, assessment tools, professional development materials, research reports and strategic advice for a broad range of industries and organisations.

Organisational change and development
The team has been developing and implementing organisational change and development strategies since its inception in a wide range of organisations. Brendan Mulhall has a strong and consistent reputation for excellent consultation and facilitation skills in areas ranging from strategic and business planning to group focus workshops, and analysing the functions of occupations.

Training Package development
The team has been involved in national Training Package development since its initial conception. The team has extensive expertise in the development, implementation and review of national Training Packages. This expertise has been gained from work with 8 major ITABs in over 30 industries and sectors on Training Packages or associated products and support materials.

Research and analysis
BMA has significant experience in researching and analysing VET initiatives and issues surrounding the uptake of recognised training. The team has successfully developed recommendations in this area incorporating best-practice solutions.

Training and assessment services
As a Registered Training Organisation, BMA has been implementing the Frontline Management Program in organisations. The team has developed training programs including assessment guidelines, learning strategies, assessment materials and professional development materials. Click here to view BMA’s Code of Practice.


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